NorthGate Surplus -Copywriting Assignment

Devastating Weapons. Bunker-Busting Prices.

You want the latest in high-tech military gear. North Gate Military Surplus in Chilliwack gives you that plus an APC full of equipment the other side hasn’t heard of, like:

  • CFP-90 Lowe Rucks
  • Load Bearing Vests
  • Kevlar Helmets
  • Eco-Tat bivey shelters

Sneak behind enemy lines in gear made of Neoprene, Nomax and Thinsulate®. Decimate resistance in camouflage GORE-TEX®. Sweep the area with night-vision goggles and find a snake den of pretenders but not a single foxhole with lower prices. Whatever the mission demands, North Gate in Chilliwack has your back.

Target the Future, but Salute the Past

North Gate stocks the finest in traditional military surplus. From Web gear to Kevlar field jackets and even Battle Dress Uniforms, we are the Fraser Valley’s elite provider.

When rations just won’t cut it, North Gate is your new L.Z.. Gorge at our in-house mess hall, then stock your M.R.E’s for the long haul.

Northgate Military Surplus in Chilliwack: You’ll be in, out, and gone before we even see you coming.


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