Face in the Machine


Reflecting Term 1 in New Media at BCIT

I’m a self-starter with years of workforce experience behind me, so when a friend asked me the other day if I had learned anything in twelve weeks at BCIT, I responded, “Nothing I couldn’t have learned online.” Then I contemplated that and recanted. In Communications for Web, I learned exactly how writing for the web differs from writing for print. I also rejected blogs initially as “frivolous and inconsequential.” That’s Oxfordian (or Nerd) for, “of no importance,” but I quickly came to realize how much I enjoy blogging. From an editor’s view I relish the constraint of writing for the monitor and plan to continue adding posts past term’s end.

Jacking Back into the Matrix

Social Media lost my interest a few years ago, but BCIT stresses knowledge and application of it. I’ve coded, imaged or planned six websites since April and enjoy tweaking the contents of each site then linking them to each other. (Who doesn’t enjoy narcissism and shameless self-promotion?) Photo shoots for fresh headshots are also a fun way to enjoy Vancouver’s unusually sunny spring.

These are the People in Your Neighbourhood

Let’s talk people. I’ve come to appreciate, like, and genuinely care for my classmates. Late term we’ve enjoyed extended weekends, and the feeling in class is we miss each other by the third day. I enjoy seeing classmates give presentations of projects and it’s edifying to draw on their artistic abilities and different perspectives when my ideas are depleted. Pressure situations –like the exorbitant homework load we often endure- create a quick bond, that secure feeling of “We’re all in this together.” Life is better when you find your people.

First Star to the Right…

Optimism for the future has grabbed me. I came to BCIT after two years of trying to get hired in my previous field. Whenever I tell people where I’m enrolled (to explain my disappearance from their lives) they instantly understand the implications of the phrase, “I’m at BCIT,” to mean death may claim some before diploma, but employers will scramble to hire the surviving graduates.



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