Find Your Audience

Some believe that in order to be beautiful we should all look the same. But is that true? People come in multiple colors, colors come in millions of shades. The cover of People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ changes every year!

Why then do we care so much about trends, about what everyone else is doing? Why do we care about what’s hot now?

Because we don’t believe we have something truly unique to offer. We don’t believe everyone has something beautiful about them.

Maybe you don’t have electric eyes but your smile can light the dark. Maybe your face won’t get you on a magazine cover but your manner captivates. Mesmerizes. Hypnotizes. Maybe your legs are short but your stride is bold. Maybe your hands are unskilled but elegant. Given to good works. Committed to helping others. Maybe you’re shy…but maybe you’re just a well-kept secret! If you don’t believe beauty is everywhere, chances are someone else can see what you haven’t yet.

Just because your business isn’t Google or Apple doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful brand, a brand built on who you are, not who others are or what others say you should be. The definition of success is achievement of YOUR goals, it’s not comparison to other people’s accomplishments. The definition of unique is being someone no one else is or could be.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s time to find your audience.

Hazler Design House


Advertise your next event with a digital poster, like this one:

Flamingo covered in purple paint
Poster design for a fictional event in a real city



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