Jackson Soulfire Returns

I always hoped this day would come but wasn’t sure it would. My band Jackson Soulfire is reuniting as part of a large showcase of Vancouver artists, April 17 at the Red Room Ultra Bar in my favorite city in the world, Vancouver. Three original members are coming back for the show plus we’re adding one of our biggest fans on guitar, an enigmatic and exciting musical force known as The Blue Falcon. I’ve played alongside him on different projects and his skills will take us to the next level.

My long-time friend (of 22 years!) Erik Johnson is stepping back into the position we last left him; behind the drum kit. He spent most of his time in JS on guitar/vocals/songwriting, but in our last days live we moved him to the drums and had more fun in six months that we’d had in all the years previous.

Though technically not an original member in the sense of being there from the beginning, Dan Unger, returning to bass duties, feels like a founding pillar of the group. The four of us have a lot of history and between us have logged thousands of stage hours, and we definitely have trouble remembering him not being in the band. Now all grown up, married, and featuring the cutest baby on Facebook, “The Kid” takes his rightful place as an indispensable member of the group. And I can’t wait to share the vocals again with this big, big talent.

We go into rehearsal for this reunion excited to work together again and filled with a mission to bring the rock to the people. Here’s to a great show, filled with songs you know and songs you don’t.

April 17. Red Room Ultra Bar. Vancouver. Jackson Soulfire Returns.


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