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Village Church Community Groups

Created to Connect

by Mike Hasler

We used to know how to connect with other human beings: we talked to them. Doing so allowed us to look at real faces, in glistening HD, hear voices express souls, train mouths to build full sentences and let our facial muscles complete the tasks now assigned to emoticons. We used the speaker portion of the phone more than its onscreen keyboard and took full advantage of everybody’s perfectly designed User Interface.

But then they created the Internet and everything that brings us together became possible to do from isolation. By the lonely light of LCD we follow and sometimes envy the lives of people we don’t really know. We know who’s single and who’s complicated, who’s tropically out of the country and what’s for dinner, and we’ve become adept at typing profound statements like “Love it!” “Jealous!” and “Too cute!”

The most important technological advancement since the personal computer brings the freedom to impress people you’ll never talk to, argue and slander without inhibition or consequence, and you can look busy and important on your device while the person in Starbucks you wish you had the courage to talk to texts their friend to say they hope you eventually come over and talk to them. The Internet Way of Life allows us to cultivate a feeling of community without showing up to anything, and a few dedicated clicks can get us an education in life’s most important things, like who’s a couple this week on “Bachelor in Paradise” and who hooked up behind the scenes.

But what about the true way of life?

If we don’t know the One who created us, then the only ones to help us through this life are our friends, and thankfully, we have hundreds of those on Facebook. But is social media the way we were created to connect, keeping life superficial from a safe distance, debating bland topics, ignoring cryptic cries for human contact, disguising narcissism as information and bragging as updates? Were our deep philosophies supposed to come through cartoon drawings of 1950’s housewives and Brylcreem businessmen? And if social media is truly fulfilling, why aren’t we all still on MySpace? Why feel the need to move on to Facebook, then Twitter, then Instagram (then whatever’s coming next) if the simple act of communicating with another human being is all we’re looking for? Why should the medium matter?

Because some mediums were created better than others, and some messages are far more important.

We’ve heard there’s a place that features both, a satisfying method of doing life together, a group where you can express yourself in real time plus learn about others and the One who made you, all with instant updates and no typing. We believe that in this place you can live out your design for deep relationships and live communication, build mutual edification, be vulnerable, learn the value of give and take and absorb the notion that although life is about you, it’s not all about you. We know this place exists, and we know it requires no passwords or pop ups, just people. To log in, all you have to do is walk through someone’s door.

The Community Groups of Village Church. Make the world small again.

Copywriting Samples

For a Greeting Card

It’s not in the cards we write. Or the flowers we buy,

or no matter how hard we try to say I love you once a year.

It’s in the everyday, that smile that says how did you sleep?

Did the kids wake you up

Did I breathe much too deep?


It’s not in the chocolates and candy red hearts

we offer to show how deeply our hearts

are interconnected by love and by life,

It’s a union of spirits, this husband and wife.

Two souls on a journey, guided alone

Searching for something we can find right at home


It’s not in the dinner, the night on the town,

The cozy dark theatre, or the rolling drive down

Memory lane, where we met long ago, and have driven down often,

through the sun and the snow

No it’s not in vacations, though presents impress,

It’s in making new memories, keeping us friends,

In this trial of life together we lend

the rest of our heartbeats in unison


With mortgage and children and nest eggs all gone,

we remain just we two,

and we love on and on.


Happy Valentine’s Day



©2014 Mike Hasler

Copywriting Samples

For a Fund-Raising Promotional Video

You don’t know me, but I’m your survivor.


I was born in captivity, raised in poverty, and educated in tyranny.

Running from rule, I learned the value of speed.

Fleeing corruption, I learned the gravity of greed.


Lived a life of correction till you brought perfection.

Sprinted in quickness, ran from forgiveness.

But in the ash of inspection burned embers of resurrection…


So I honed my approach, owned my mistakes,

calculated all risk, ran for the gate.

But when I got there, a strange exchange…


From the fist of oppression, flowers.

From the greyscale of control, a bursting rainbow.


You have freed me, breathed new life into brittle bones.

Lifted my chin, when so far from home.

You don’t know me, but you’ve let me know hope.


World Vision



©2014 Mike Hasler


Copywriting Samples

For a TV Spot

I am a champion.

I have a heart of gold.

When I bleed, I pour out passion.

When I sweat, my face drips pride.

My tears? They come in three shades of brave.


Joy is my goal. Pain is my coach. Loss is my teacher.

The roar of the crowd, it fuels me. The call of the judge, it rules me.

But what I do, I do for me.

For my family.

For fame.

And for flag.


Everyone has their moment.

Ours is now, and if we never rise again, this moment will stand forever.

For we are champions.

It’s us against the world, and we only come in one color.


The Olympics on CBC. The Games begin February 15.



©2014 Mike Hasler



Copywriting Samples

NorthGate Surplus -School Assignment

Devastating Weapons. Bunker-Busting Prices.

You want the latest in high-tech military gear. North Gate Military Surplus in Chilliwack gives you that plus an APC full of equipment the other side hasn’t heard of, like:

  • CFP-90 Lowe Rucks
  • Load Bearing Vests
  • Kevlar Helmets
  • Eco-Tat bivey shelters

Sneak behind enemy lines in gear made of Neoprene, Nomax and Thinsulate®. Decimate resistance in camouflage GORE-TEX®. Sweep the area with night-vision goggles and find a snake den of pretenders but not a single foxhole with lower prices. Whatever the mission demands, North Gate in Chilliwack has your back.

Target the Future, but Salute the Past

North Gate stocks the finest in traditional military surplus. From Web gear to Kevlar field jackets and even Battle Dress Uniforms, we are the Fraser Valley’s elite provider.

When rations just won’t cut it, North Gate is your new L.Z.. Gorge at our in-house mess hall, then stock your M.R.E’s for the long haul.

Northgate Military Surplus in Chilliwack: You’ll be in, out, and gone before we even see you coming.