Jackson Soulfire: The Novel

In 2006, I self-published a novel I had worked on the four years previous. Called “Jackson Soulfire,” the plot was about a group of strangers working to expose a corrupt corporation in their city. If you’ve been to reverbnation.com/jacksonsoulfire before arriving here at WordPress, you’ll recognize the JS name as the one I release my songwriting under. My songs and my novel are part of a larger concept. The book was originally released on CD, embedded on a 14 song album. The songs provided the soundtrack to the story.

Though I was able to write and release albums in 2008 and 2012, I’ve spent years attempting to write sequels and reboots to that original book, but have never finished or released any of the work. I’m thinking about using this WordPress space somehow to bring the story -in one form or another- to the Internet. I’ll keep you posted.

Mike Hasler, November 2015